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Generally, two capacitors are used in the ceiling fan, i.e., one parallel and one series. The motor used in a fan is a ˇ°two value capacitor run motorˇ± or ˇ°permanent split capacitor motorˇ±. Here, one capacitor with high capacitance is also connected in the starting winding of the split-phase induction motor.

What is the function of capacitor in fan?

As a result, a capacitor is employed in a fan to generate a phase difference in the current of the two windings, which produces a magnetic flux and causes the fan's rotor to move.

What type of capacitor is used in fan motor?

Run capacitors are mostlypolypropylene film capacitorsand are energised the entire time the motor is running. Normally fan motor run capacitors are rated in a range of 1.5 to 10 ¦ĚF, with voltage classifications of 370 V or 440 V.

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