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GAC-2 UltraPro each conductor shielded cable Hi-End audio cable/mic cable

Balanced 5 times shielded audio cable! Ultraflexible professional audio cable.

Each conductor is shielded with a lap shield 100% covering copper wires (7) (Reussen shield) plus a conductive separation layer (Aluminium coated polyester). This conductor is twisted around conductor no 2 and turn is hold in place with another aluminium coated layer, followed by Gotham's unique double Reussen shield. This cable is absolutely uncompromised to achieve maximum shielding possible while the flexibility and durability is still very good and the cable can be used in mobile applications as well.

The cable is built with a stabile 110 ohm impedance and can be used for analog balanced audio signals as well as digital audio signals in the AES-EBU format. Ideal cable for accomodation of XLR-connectors with corresponding 8mm diameter cable claps.
Available as designated AES-EBU cable with purple color (10666), same construction but with purple color.

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:    max 39 ohm/km
Shielding resistance:    < 28 Ohm/km
Capacitance: Conductor/ Cond:  max. 50 nF/km
  Conductor/Shield: 135 nF /km
Impedance:   110 Ohm
Test voltage:   2000 veff
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C

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